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arcade Mobile

With arcade Mobile, each of your employees will enter a world of battles, quests and rewards as they have fun achieving their work goals. They can compete with each other, engage with their coworkers and track their targets as they continually progress. Available from the iOS and Android app stores, employee engagement has never been so accessible.

arcade Live

Enjoy access to the live score-board, arena and league for every team to display and share in the fun!

Manager Suite

Managers are given everything they need to not only measure engagement, but drive it as well. With the arcade Manage web portal, your team leaders can create sales focuses, daily huddles, competitions and more! They also have access to Manager Mobile, giving them portable transparency into live team performance and instant communication with all of their staff. Mobile Manage is also avaliable from the iOS and Android app stores.


For the first time ever, retail managers with arcade have real-time analytics on their staff engagement, sales productivity and team culture! Every manager is sent daily overview emails outlining key data, and can generate useful reports with the click of a button.

arcade Quiz

So that every employee is motivated to learn about new products and proceedures, arcade Quiz allows managers to quickly and easily create fun and engaging quizzes that can be sent to any employee instantly. Each quiz challenges and rewards staff as they complete it, and their results are immediately accessible for managers. This allows them to quickly identify knowledge gaps and encourage learning within their team.

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