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Engage Millennials in the Workplace with These Simple Tricks

The workplace is changing - and rapidly. A new study projects that millennials (born between 1980 and 1999) will soon become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Maintaining morale to boost productivity within this group of employees is critical to a thriving workforce.

The study reports that millennials’ advantages over prior generations include the ability to quickly adapt, come up with fresh ideas and keep up to date on emerging technology. Currently, 28% of millennial respondents say they are already in management positions with two-thirds saying they expect to be in management by the year 2024.

Millennials stand out in the skills department with nearly 68% of hiring managers saying millennials have skills prior generations do not. Approximately 82% of hiring managers feel that millennials are technologically adept, and 60% of hiring managers agree that millennials are quick learners. So much so, in fact, that millennials tend to start their own businesses and brands, opting against the establishment and charting new territories for themselves. Freelancing is a huge market for the age group due to its flow of opportunity and less-than-rigid template.

Here, we share some tips of the trade on how to retain the millennial population in your business.

Relate to Them

Millennials are social beings. They thrive on connections in economic, political and social environments and are more apt to work as part of a team rather than independently, although multitasking is surely their forte. They operate like smooth tech ninjas, almost having a sixth sense when it comes to computers and research. They are an educated bunch and the best way to relate to them is to have discussions with them where their opinions are weighed and measured.

Their Opinions Matter

Never underestimate the value of respecting a millennial's opinion - on any subject. Their fiery creativity makes them a passionate force to be reckoned with and your efforts will only pay off in the long haul. A walking contradiction, the millennial population exemplifies a plethora of knowledge and is willing and able to share with others - when given the opportunity to do so. Make It Exciting Millennials aim to be provoked and challenged on a regular basis. When something isn't moving quickly enough, they get bored. Make things extra exciting. Work and play go hand in hand with this generation, and sometimes opting to make a game out of a project or assignment ensures the best results within this group.

Keep It Light

Millennials are considered optimistic, with 41% satisfied with the way things are going in the country, compared with 26% of those over age 30. Millennials have never known a time in their lives without war, a recession, 9/11, the impeachment of a president, terrorist attacks, school shootings like Columbine, the fall of Enron, or natural disasters like Katrina. Even still, they remain resilient and optimistic in their endeavors. They are resourceful, and that's a positive quality to have in an employee. Moreover, almost 70 percent say that giving back and being civically engaged are their highest priorities. Work-life balance is also extremely important the millennials and many in this group say it's important for them to give back through their work.

Offer New Resources

Newspapers are not the first thing a millennial thinks about picking up when hoping to catch up on the news. They prefer the internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Gmail, and Yahoo! As the world around us evolves and morphs over time, so must the generation inheriting them - and this generation prefers the screen over the paper - newspaper, that is. Offering new resources to engage and enlighten millennials is a sure fire way to keep them up to speed.

Keep It Mobile

Offering millennials the option to telecommute will go far with employees. This generation prefers to be connected at all times - and from anywhere. Gone are the days of hoping for a corner office, these guys would rather plug and play on their laptops and get the job done in a mobile fashion. Almost 25% of millennials are self-employed and can work from just about anywhere. Many of them have created their own employment by turning hobbies into careers.

Not since the baby boom generation has one particular age group taken over the workforce - until now. The millennial generation will grow significantly as a proportion of the workforce over the next 20 years, and employers will need to make major adjustments in their engagement models to keep up with them.

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