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Engaging Employees through Gamification for Desired Results

Did you know that using gamification techniques is said to enhance employee abilities up to 40% in today's market? With so much at stake, it's no wonder companies are now utilizing this method to reach their staff.

There are three main components regarding successful utilization of gamification techniques with trusted employees. They are: feedback, friends and fun. Adhere to the following to see engagement and retention rates soar within your organization.

Create new challenges. Appeal to your employees' fun sides by changing up the status quo. If you always offer the same reward repeatedly, it is easy to see employees disengage due to lack of excitement. By making the attainment process more like a game, employees are engaged and want to participate in the challenge. Resulting in employees who are motivated to hit sales goals. An inspired employee is a happy employee! In this sense, everyone wins.

Keep it light. Everyone wants to be on the winning team, so make the games short, sweet and loads of fun. Creating games that encourage different teams or departments to interact is a great way to engage employees’ organization wide.

Motivate through recognition. It's natural to lose sight of the goal ahead when you're falling behind, so boost up that self-confidence by motivating team members who aren't doing so well. Use recognition tools to shine light on struggling employees and encourage them through positive reinforcement.

Education websites are also jumping on the gamification bandwagon. Khan Academy and Codecademy urge their students to continue learning by celebrating with badges when reaching key achievements. These badges can be shared via social media, further progressing the goal of smart marketing and new relationships.

Below are a few of the most basic characteristics of gamification in action: • Clear, instant feedback for actions taken • Easily identifiable markers for ranking and performance • Streamlined, accessible paths to further achievement

Driving employee engagement through gamification is on the rise, and rightfully so. It's a low-cost, effective way to build an internal culture and drive

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