New Survey Reveals Workers Want More Gamification
Tash Postolovski
Aug 2, 2018
Arcade game points Photo by Sean Thomas.
A recent survey by TalentLMS has revealed that workers feel more motivated, productive, and happier when game-like elements are introduced into their work. This practice of making something game-like is called gamification, and it's shaking up industries that want to get the best from their employees.
The survey results served to further validate the effectiveness of gamification in the workplace.
  • 80% of employees said they enjoyed using software with gamified elements.
  • 75% of respondents who reported regularly playing video games felt that gamification would help them be more productive.
  • Older employees were just as motivated by gamification as younger employees.
The survey also demonstrated the value of a rewards program, with employees ranking rewards as the most important aspect of gamification.
In addition, 87% of respondents felt gamification made them more productive, 84% felt it made them more engaged, and 82% felt it made them happier at work.
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These striking results showed a marked increase on the results of the same survey completed in 2014, suggesting that workers are becoming more interested in the potential of gamification over time.
Read the full report on the survey to dig into these statistics, or learn more about how Arcade can provide your workplace with gamified sales goals.
Tash Postolovski
Tash is part of the Content team at Arcade.
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