Arcade brings gamification to retail sales, producing 8.4% store revenue uplift for major U.S. retailer

Arcade ( is a revolutionary workplace engagement platform for retail sales staff. The platform, available on both web and mobile, has rolled out to hundreds of brick-and-mortar retail locations across the U.S. and Australia. By bringing gamification to the retail industry, Arcade has produced breakthrough results in stores that have adopted the platform, including:

These results have been verified against historical trends and compared against control stores that are not using the Arcade platform.

Arcade provides tools for instant communication between retail staff across hundreds of store locations. “It makes a big company feel like a family,” said one user, a salesperson at an Australian retail store location. Staff can also earn gift cards and movie tickets by meeting sales targets, or achieving other strategic goals set by the business.


CEO David Cherrie is a former high-performing retail sales associate. He has seen first-hand what happens when sales associates are not engaged at work: sales, revenue, and upsells all start to drop. To combat this decline, Cherrie fostered an environment of friendly competition at his store, inspired by video games. “Within 3-months our store went from near bottom of the national sales average, to the highest performing team in the entire country.” It was this experience that led Cherrie to create Arcade.

“The retail workforce is largely a millennial workforce. This is an age group that performs best when work feels fun and meaningful. Arcade helps achieve that.”

According to Gallup, just 23% of retail salespeople are engaged. Increasing salesforce engagement promises to give retailers a competitive edge in today’s challenging market. 2018 will see the Arcade platform rolled out to thousands of additional stores across the U.S. and Asia. “We can’t wait to see what our customers are able to achieve this year,” says Cherrie.

Arcade’s advisory board includes Dr Steven Johnson, an industry expert with over 25 years experience in developing corporate engagement programs. The company, founded in 2016, has raised ___ from ___. Arcade has offices in Dallas, Texas and Melbourne, Australia.


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