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Customer Success Story
Elite Wireless
Major wireless retailer sees 10% increase in same-store sales with Arcade in their workplace
Arcade measurably increases store performance and workforce retention by gamifying employee engagement.
Wireless Retail
33 Store Locations
~150 Employees

Elite Wireless operates 33 exclusive Cricket stores throughout Florida. The company, started just 5 years ago, has grown rapidly and now employs over 150 staff statewide. At this size, Elite Wireless believe it is essential to focus on staff retention and engagement in an industry – wireless retail – known to have high staff turnover rates.

By rolling out Arcade, Elite Wireless wanted to improve staff retention while also keeping salespeople engaged and motivated to go above and beyond to reach their goals.

The Challenge

Elite Wireless operates 30+ store locations in urban and rural centers throughout Florida. Operating at this scale, Elite Wireless faces a number of industry-related challenges surrounding employee engagement, performance and retention.

The company needed a solution that would quickly address these challenges without disrupting existing in-store and back office processes. They decided to roll out Arcade.

How Arcade Helped
Peer-to-peer recognition among staff has increased
Employees share information and achievements in real-time
Stores and salespeople compete to reach sales goals and earn rewards
The Arcade Effect

“Arcade has worked for us,” says David Rengifo, President at Elite Wireless.

The company reports seeing an overall uplift in engagement since rolling out Arcade. Recognition has increased, and sales per store have risen by upwards of 10%. Arcade’s streamlined sales contests and emphasis on friendly competition have been the major drivers behind these impressive results.

Using Arcade, Elite Wireless divided stores into bottom performers, good performers, and great performers, allowing every store to compete at a level appropriate to its performance category.

In addition, Arcade helped boost retention and keep existing staff engaged and motivated to perform at their best.

Final Results

Store sales have increased by 10%+ since the rollout of Arcade. These results were achieved by fully utilizing Arcade’s features, carefully designed to boost engagement, recognition and friendly competition among salespeople.

Sales uplift
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