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Customer Success Story
PCS Partners
Arcade's dynamic rewards system increased sales by 5%
Arcade helped leading wireless provider PCS Partners improve customer experiences and increase store performance.
Wireless Retail
50+ Store Locations
~200 Salespeople

PCS Partners operates over 50 wireless retail stores across Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Every store must compete for a share of the 95% of Americans who own a cell phone, most of whom will not hesitate to switch retailers in pursuit of the best possible customer experience. This fierce competition offers PCS Partners a unique challenge: motivating front-line staff to consistently perform at the highest level.

The Challenge

“If a customer doesn’t get the perfect experience, they’re not going to come back,” says Tye Stahly, Operations Manager at PCS Partners. The company believes customer dealings with front-line sales associates and managers are the key to their success in the wireless retail industry.

PCS Partners faced the challenge of how to motivate the necessary level of performance among front-line staff. With tight profit margins across the pre-paid wireless industry in particular, the company also needed to achieve this goal without increasing staff overhead.

How Arcade Helped
Engaged store associates with daily on-the-spot sales challenges
Increased engagement in team communication with the gamified social feed
Increased the variety of incentives for employees while streamlining the cost of incentives
The Arcade Effect

PCS Partners had previously been challenged to motivate top performance when traditional methods were no longer driving staff behaviour. Due to tight margins, raising salaries was also not an option. Arcade amplified the PCS Partners incentives program by offering a streamlined rewards and incentives process that managers could offer at the click of a button. The game mechanics of Arcade, where staff could earn badges and compete in friendly competitions, also helped to motivate high performance.

Managers loved being able to immediately award staff Tokens in return for providing an outstanding experience to customers. Staff could redeem Tokens for their chosen real-world rewards, like gift cards and movie tickets. By encouraging staff to save up Tokens for more valuable rewards, Arcade motivated consistent performance rather than peaks and valleys.

PCS Partners had previously been using GroupMe for communication between staff. “It was very bland, very boring,” says Tye Stahly, Operations Manager at PCS Partners. Arcade replaced GroupMe’s basic communications functionality with a fully developed social-media style experience. Stahly says employees rapidly adopted the new platform. “They got excited about posting, they got excited about sending messages, and excited about using it, so the interactivity and the participation rate that we’ve had has really gone up.”

Final Results

Sales revenue increased 5% at PCS Partners stores using Arcade. Sales revenue has also been more consistent, lifting the baseline and reducing peaks and valleys.

The company attributes these result to Arcade’s overall impact on staff performance and engagement, which has helped drive an industry-leading level of customer experience across its 50+ store locations.

Sales revenue uplift
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