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Customer Success Story
National furniture retailer sees a 12.7% increase in sales revenue at stores using Arcade
Arcade helped Snooze outperform franchise stores in sales revenue, bucking historical trends.
30+ Store Locations
Established in 1979

One of Australia’s first bedroom specialist retailers, Snooze now has store locations in every Australian state. Snooze has operated for over 40 years, and must constantly innovate in response to changes in the market. By adopting Arcade, Snooze wanted to motivate high performance among its sales staff, create a culture of peer recognition, and encourage employees to share and apply best practices across the entire business.

Here’s how they fared.

The Challenge

Snooze operates 30+ store locations nation-wide. At this size, Snooze faces a number of challenges that come with running a large network of stores.

Snooze needed a way to ensure its employees were engaged, empowered, recognized, and connected across multiple store locations. They decided to try Arcade.

How Arcade Helped
Arcade fostered staff recognition at both manager and peer level
An instant chat tool helped staff connect and share knowledge across store locations.
Arcade made reaching sales goals a fun and rewarding game-like experience.
The Arcade Effect

To measure the ‘Arcade effect’ on stores, company owned stores using Arcade were compared with franchise owned stores not using Arcade (control units) on two key performance indicators:

  1. Same-store sales
  2. Performance to budget

During the 16-week test period, staff frequently used Arcade to communicate between stores, swap ideas and inspiration, and gather information about new products. Staff also used Arcade to track sales and engage in friendly competition, while also leveraging Arcade’s in-built employee recognition tools. These factors helped create a sales and performance-focused culture that contributed to a boost in same-stores sales and improved performance to budget across stores using Arcade.

Final Results

Same Store sales increased by 12.7% at stores using Arcade. In contrast, stores not using Arcade experienced a drop in sales over the same period.

Prior to using Arcade in the business, franchise stores outperformed company stores by a monthly average of $6,563 towards sales budget. Once company stores started using Arcade, they outperformed franchise stores by a monthly average of $5,514 towards sales budget.

Increase in same-store sales revenue
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