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Arcade motivates your employees to exceed expectations.

Arcade is a proven workforce engagement solution that will increase your team's output with games, recognition, rewards, and more.

Arcade is an employee communication and workplace engagement app

Use gamification to your advantage

Arcade creates fun and rewarding contests around the performance goals set for your employees. Keep your sales people hungry and happy while having fun.

  • Fine Designs uses Arcade for company chat
  • MetroPCS uses Arcade for training and development in the retail industry
  • UnderArmour uses Arcade for training gamification
  • Cricket Wireless uses Arcade for improving retail employee performance
  • Snooze uses Arcade for employee rewards and recognition programs
  • Toyota uses Arcade to hold sales contests

Companies Using Arcade

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Postpaid & Prepaid Wireless
  • Specialty & Boutique
  • Furniture & Appliance
  • Car Dealerships
  • Clothing & Apparel
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How It Works

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    Create your own Arcade
    Invite your sales leaders and associates to join. Set up your teams in whatever way you want and your teams can begin connecting.
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    Set the score
    Every business is different. With Arcade, you can track the metrics that matter. Arcade sets goals for everyone and creates games to get everyone motivated.
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    Get your game on
    With over 10 unique game types, Arcade focuses on creating an environment for your team to engage and succeed.
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    Recognize success with rewards
    Celebrate wins on your very own company social feed & reward top performers with access to hundreds of giftcards from their favorite brands.
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    Speaking of rewards - Tap this chest to win a prize for your business.

The Science Behind Arcade

Arcade was built by leading experts in gamification and organizational psychology.

People work best when theyʼre engaged with their colleagues and their goals. Arcade uses leading edge gamification to engage salespeople with their coworkers and quotas.
Dr. Steven Johnson, Retail Workforce Engagement Expert
Steven Johnson, PhD
Dr. Steven Johnson, Retail Workforce Engagement Expert
Download our white paper, developed in partnership with Dr. Johnson, to learn how focusing on employee engagement can increase productivity and reduce turnover by over 20%.
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Recent Case Studies

Increase in same-store sales
A national wireless retailer achieves a 10% increase in same-store sales.

This major lift in new customer contracts was achieved within 3 months of launching Arcade. Read on →

Increase in upsells
An international pop-Up retailer creates a 15.6% lift in upsells.

The company exceeded its goal by 3X within 2 months of launching Arcade.

Increase in sales revenue
A furniture retailer sees 12.4% lift in sales revenue using Arcade.

For the first time in their history, company owned stores using Arcade outperformed franchise stores after just 90 days on the platform. Show me →

Increase in sales
A major wireless retailer sees a 5% lift

Arcade's dynamic rewards system increased sales and employee retention within 2 months. See how →