Integrations & Games
Take your Arcade (and your company) to the next level. Learn about our integrations here and how they help.
Why Integrate with Arcade?
Integrations allow Arcade to gamify your key business metrics and KPIs, letting you easily:
  • Track progress with benchmarks and scores
  • Build games to motivate employees
  • Set rewards for top performers
  • See individual progress towards goals
  • Connect your system to Arcade
    We integrate with any POS, CRM, or wherever you track KPIs.
    Don’t see your system? Learn about our custom integrations.
    Now employees can see goals everyday.
    And get rewarded! Every day employees see what’s expected of them at work.
    And you can create exciting games to drive performance.
    We offer 3 unique game types that keeps progress towards goals fresh & exciting.
    Measure, analyze, and understand employee engagement.
    With integrations, customers get our custom analytics to help understand engagement.
    Arcade is very engaging... It’s fun, interactive and makes it easy for employees to be recognized and rewarded for extra effort. We’ve seen outstanding results and lifted productivity in our stores. Looking at the time alone that it saves us, it’s paid for itself.
    Tye Stahly, PCS Partners
    What does an integration cost?
    We offer a few options with integrations - our team will help you choose a package that works best for your business.
    How long does it take?
    We can get started right away if you use a system we currently support or can export your data to excel. Custom integrations vary based on scope & availability.
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