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Frustrated with GroupMe?
Well it wasn't made for sales managers.
Join thousands of other leaders whoʼve made the quick switch
 from GroupMe
 to Arcade - the team communication solution made for sales teams.
  • CommunicationArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Connect your teams without the mess.
  • RecognitionArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Keep your staff engaged and focused at work.
  • RewardsArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Streamline employee rewards and recognition.
  • AcademyArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Know your people better than ever before.
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Arcade was built for sales leaders
Unlike other communication tools, Arcade gives managers the power to:
  • Easily manage teams & permissions
  • Delete inappropriate content
  • Announce important messages
  • Give out rewards to top performers
  • Run exciting sales contests with ease
  • Gain employee engagement insights
Every feature you need:
  • Private group chats
  • Employee tagging
  • Permission controls
  • File center
  • Global hashtags
  • Share media
  • Open Channels
  • Team hierarchy
  • Company newsfeed
  • Available on any device
We've prepared a short resource document for you detailing more about the Arcade product. Download your copy today.
 Mal Wade
Arcade is by far the most important factor in daily sales success within our company.
Mal Wade
Mal Wade, VP of Retail, Snooze
Don't just take our word for it - try Arcade for yourself, absolutely free.
Talk with our team to learn about switching from inefficient to intelligent team communication.
Arcade gives you so much more!
The Arcade platform uses gamification to level up employee retention and productivity. In addition to chat, the Arcade app comes with:
  • Team Newsfeeds
    Share content, announcements, photos and more in an engaging feed for all to see.
  • Easy Rewards
    Award your employees with 100’s of gift cards from their favorite brands.
  • Employee Analytics
    Access analytics that show you how to retain more employees and increase productivity.
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