Founder Story
I love sales. It's challenging, exciting & fulfilling when you're closing deals & obliterating targets. I used to work as a retail sales guy, and when I first started the job it was everything sales should be - fun!
But as time went by, it felt more and more as though my employer didn't care when I put in the extra effort & that there was no real purpose to the work I was doing. Eventually I lost all motivation to excel & I disengaged. Nobody likes feeling disengaged. So one day, in an effort to bring some excitement back onto the sales-floor, our team created a basic sales game that encouraged some friendly internal competition.
Suddenly sales became exciting again.
And it stayed exciting. Because of this it galvanized our team, and when we were engaged, our customers were engaged. And we all know what happens when customers are engaged.
It didn't take long before we were the highest selling store nationally, and out of that, the idea for Arcade was born.
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Dave Cherrie
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James McLaren
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