Arcade is more than a game.

Arcade is a platform that makes it easier to keep your team motivated everyday. It works on desktop and any phone. Arcade helps sales leaders:
  • CommunicationArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Connect &
  • RecognitionArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Recognize &
  • RewardsArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Reward &
  • AcademyArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Educate &
  • CompetitionArcade - The Employee Engagement Platform
    Compete &
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Create contests that work!

Arcade comes packed with exciting games that help promote competition and engagement.
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    Peer Recognition truly goes a long way.
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    Race against the clock to hit goals & earn prizes!
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    Small wins make the greatest victories.

Bring everyone together in a single place.

The newsfeed keeps your team updated on the latest company events, lets different stores engage and collaborate, and is great for sharing team progress.
Social Feed
Team Huddles
Progress Updates
Arcade's newsfeed lets employees collaborate on mobile devices.

Give everyone a modern & powerful chat tool.

The Arcade chat gives you fast & reliable messaging tool thatʼs designed for the needs of sales leaders and helps you get your job done effectively.
1 on 1 Chats
Group chats
Announce Messages
Send files
Moderate Content
Message employees 1 on 1 with the Arcade employee communication tool

Develop surveys and quizzes instantly.

The Arcade academy helps you train employees and managers on new product releases, best practices, and more.
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    Create sales training for your employees.
  • QuizCreated with Sketch.
    Launch rewarding quizzes that test employee know-how.
  • SurveyCreated with Sketch.
    Send out surveys for quick team feedback.

Build a rewarding culture to help everyone succeed.

Arcade creates a healthy sales culture where sales people can actively recognize & celebrate their coworkers.
Peer Recognition
Reward Portal
Game Prizes
Personal Achievements
Recognize employee performance
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