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Engage Your Salespeople
Arcade is a platform that makes it easier to keep your salespeople motivated everyday. Every version of Arcade includes:
Arcade is an internal communication tool for retail teams
A simple and secure messaging product that's easy to use
Arcade helps you improve retail sales
Bring your team together in a single place online.
Arcade enables peer recognition among your employees
A platform for peer encouragement and a way to celebrate success.
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Simple, Secure Messaging
Arcade gives you fast & reliable messaging thatʼs designed for the needs of sales leaders.
1 on 1 Chats
Group chats
Announce Messages
Send files
Moderate Content
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Colorful white shapes
Bring everyone together in the newsfeed
Arcadeʼs newsfeed gives your salespeople a social place to engage with each other. Share inspirational photos, recognition, updates and more.
Social Feed
See Progress
Build a rewarding culture
Build a healthy sales culture where sales people can actively recognize & celebrate their coworkers.
Peer Recognition
Reward Portal
Game Prizes
Personal Acheivments
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