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December 17, 2018
Rewards Management and Tagging
James McLaren
James McLaren

Rewards Management

This update adds in a new rewards management section that will allow managers to:

This section can be found in Manage > Rewards provided you have the correct permissions

Tagging Improvements

You can now tag @everyone on the newsfeed and conversations! In addition to this you can also tag entire teams by hitting the @ key and typing the team name.

Messaging load times

If you’re participating in a large number of channels you should see a noticeable improvement in the load time of the conversation section

iOS Keyboard improvements

The keyboard will no longer cause the conversation navigation bar to be pushed out of view. This should make it easier to leave conversations as you will no longer have to minimise the keyboard to do so.

Newfeed posting improvements

Hitting the enter/return key (depending on platform) will no longer submit a newsfeed post. To do so you will either need to click the “Post” button or, on desktop, hit command + enter.

Newline improvements

Arcade now has greatly improved support for multi-line content. This should be visible in newsfeed activities, comments and messages.