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February 12, 2019
Game Cards 2.0
James McLaren
James McLaren

Updated game cards

This release introduces a flashy new set of game cards for your enjoyment! You’ll now be able to better see your progress, how you rank against others and how you can progress in the game. Plus they look great!

Get your manager to start a game so you can check them out.

Newsfeed filtering

In an effort to improve your experience on the newsfeed we’ve added in the ability to filter what posts you see. The current options are “Posts from my company” and “Posts from my team” but we’ll be extending this list in the future

Recognition Star typing fix

The issue where the recognition star form would be pushed off the screen on iOS devices has been fixed. This was also impacting other areas of the app and those have been fixed too.

Improved conversation logic

This release improves the experience of opening the app in a conversation. Previously the entire conversation would reload - leaving you looking at a blank screen for a few seconds. Now the messages you previously had will remain and new messages will be clearly visible. This also means that any typed text will no longer disappear.

Profile image upload fix

We’ve fixed the issue that was preventing profile images from being uploaded - we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful smiles.

Manager form improvements

We’ve spent a lot of time working on improving the metric and game creation workflow. This has lead us to completely rework both forms in preparation for greater things to come. This should streamline the creation process and fixes those pesky validation issues that were cropping up.