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March 26, 2019
Sales Management
James McLaren
James McLaren

Sales management

Over are the days of adding and managing sales through the Manager panel. This update introduces the sales management section that will allow you to:

Head to the Manage section to try it out!

Onboarding tour

The Guides and Support links in the side menu have been replaced with a single “Help and Support” link that will bring up the onboarding tour. This provides more information about what Arcade is for and still provides access to guides and support requests. Be sure to check it out.

Channel deletion

We’ve been listening to your feedback that outdated channels make things too cluttered so we’ve been working on giving you the ability to delete channels. If you’re a manager with the relevant permissions or the creator of the channel you’ll be able to delete it!

Metric creation fixes

There were a few scenarios in which the metric creation form would have content cutoff and displayed incorrectly. This update fixes these scenarios.

Empty token balance

The Chests section will now do a better job of letting you know when you’re able to earn tokens from chests. If your company balance is empty it will let you know and ensure you want to open chests before letting you do so.

Add to game/metric by team

The second step of metric and game creation will now allow you to view users by team and bulk assign entire teams.

Profile About Me fix

There was an issue that would cause your About Me to not correctly display when viewing your own profile. This has now been solved.

Mobile chat handling

A recent change broke functionality that would allow you to view images in fullscreen and download images. This has been rectified and, as a bonus, we’ve been able to optimize the loading of images in chat which should mean conversations load faster.

Youtube academy bug fix

There was an issue preventing the viewing of YouTube videos in courses. This has been solved and we’ve also improved the aspect ratio in which we display non-fullscreen videos.