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June 03, 2019
Game Verification
James McLaren
James McLaren

Game Verification

If scores for a game you’ve run don’t look right, you now have the power to change it! When verifying games you will be presented with the option to edit scores which will alter the final standings and ensure the correct people get rewarded.

Game Verification alerts

You’ll now be notified in home if there are outstanding games that need to be verified. Click the button to go directly to the verify step for that game. This will be complimented by a more robust set of verification notifications ensuring that no games are missed.

Token Management Section

The transaction log section of the rewards has been replaced by the new token management section. This can be found in the manage section and will allow you to:

Please note that this section is currently only available on desktop and requires the ‘manage tokens’ permission to access.

Invite People

The new manage people section now has the option to invite people. This can be found in the top right of the manage people section and will allow you to specify name, email, team and a custom identifier.

Tag almost everyone

The tagging logic in chat has been updated to respect who is actually in the conversation. This means that you will no longer be able to tag people not in the conversation and using the @everyone tag will tag everyone in the chat.

Metric date selection fix

This release fixes an outstanding issue that was preventing the selection of dates in the metrics section. You should now be able to correctly view metric information for a single day.

Chat typing notifications

You’ll now be able to see typing notifications in the chat conversation list. This means that you don’t have to be in a conversation to see when other participants are typing.

Newsfeed Filters

Managers will now be able to view the newsfeed for all teams in their company - not just their own. This requires the manage account permission.

Custom reward creation

This release also fixes an issue that was preventing the updating of variants for custom rewards.