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Meet Dave
Dave is the employee you hired that was initially motivated and high performing. Like 70% of the workforce in retail, Dave is a millennial.
Arcade Dave is a disengaged retail employee
Dave lost interest, fast.
After 90 days, Dave became complacent and is now costing your business money. On average, 80% of retail employees are not engaged at work costing US retailers $4.8 billion annually.
Arcade Dave is a low performing retail employee
Dave is worth saving!
It would be much more expensive to hire new talent to replace Dave. Saving Dave means making him more motivated at work. Motivated employees give better service and sell more.
Arcade Dave is a high performing retail sales employee
Why save Dave?
Increasing employee engagement creates a more productive workforce. Our customers have seen incredible sales performance increases by focusing on their disengaged employees.
Don’t let your employees look like this graph. Download our research on employee engagement, done in collaboration with Dr. Steven Johnson, to learn more about the impact of engagement in the workforce.
Employee Performance
How do you save Dave?
People work best when theyʼre engaged with their colleagues and their goals.

Arcade is a retail solution that increases your in-store conversion by engaging employees with their colleagues and sales goals.

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