Arcade tokens are a fun way to recognize and reward your sales employees.
Chris Odicho
Awarding Tokens
If you are assigned as an Admin, you can award anyone in your Arcade team with tokens.
Tokens can be used to redeem real rewards within the Arcade platform through the
center, available on both mobile & desktop.
To award someone Tokens, click on their name and select
. It will then ask you to select the amount of tokens you'd like to award that person, and to provide your reason for the reward.
You can choose to make the reward public (it will post on the newsfeed to celebrate the recipient of your reward), or you can keep it private.
If you have the Goals expansion pack active, you'll also have the ability award entire teams with tokens. This can be done through the Reward center, by clicking on
Give Tokens
and selecting the teams & people you'd like to reward.
What Rewards are there?
We've partnered with to provide you with access to hundreds of rewards that can be redeemed instantly. Check out the list of rewards that are available to you and your team in Arcade by visiting: