Arcade for Web
You can access the Arcade sales gamification app from any web browser.
Dave Cherrie
You can use Arcade on your desktop computer as long as you have internet access.
Arcade is accessible from the following web browsers: - Chrome - Safari - Firefox - Explorer v10 onwards
To access Arcade on your web browser, simply head to Arcade Hub and sign in with your Arcade account.
Additional Features
On Arcade for Web, you have access to a couple of additional features:
Managing your Account
  • You'll have access to manage your billing details
  • Top up your available Token balance
  • View & download all invoices to PDF
Adding Expansion Packs
By adding Expansion Packs to your Arcade, you'll maximize the potential of your salespeople. - Goals: Set goals for your sales team, launch epic sales contests & more! - Academy: Make sales training & employee on-boarding quick & easy. - Culture: Keep your finger on the pulse of your workplace engagement.