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Participate in games and earn fantastic rewards.
Tash Postolovski
Tash Postolovski
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Games let you participate in friendly and fun competition against your colleagues.

There are three types of games you can play in Arcade:

Click the ‘Games’ button in the sidebar to view all active and completed games you have been eligible to participate in. Every game is based around a business goal. Your progress towards business goals can be viewed and updated via the ‘Metrics’ screen.

Completed games

Click on a game to see where you sit on the leaderboard, as well as a list of events that have impacted on the game (such as someone adding a sale).

Game leaderboard

You can view more details about a game at any time by clicking the ‘i’ icon in the bottom right corner of the game panel. You’ll be able to see details about the game, read the rules, and view the prize on offer.

Game details