Daily Huddle
Huddles are a great way to get your sales team engaged with their employee development goals.
Alison Zook
What is a Huddle?
A Huddle allows you to send out a pump-up message to selected team members. It will push notify them & appear on their newsfeed when they log in. Huddles are there to allow team leaders to set the daily focus & prepare everyone for a successful day at work!
How to create a Huddle
To create a new huddle, head to your left side menu and select
Simply select the team members that are working today, and then write your pump-up message to get them focused & ready for work!
Send out your Huddle, and they'll all be notified.
Newsfeed Huddle
Can other people see my team Huddle?
No, only you and the team members you select in the Huddle will be notified and have the ability to interact with it on their newsfeed.