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Powerhour Game
Arcade PowerHour - run instant sales contests and award prizes.
Carson Jones
Carson Jones
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This high intensity game is quite simple - for one hour, any sale (or any metric!) made by team members is rewarded with Arcade Rewards. At the end of the hour, we’ll tally up everyone’s score and award a prize to the winner.

PowerHour is a great way to encourage healthy competition amongst your employees. It also gives your team a way to challenge themselves during a short time period.

How to play

When a PowerHour starts, team members can log any sale they make to the #PowerHour Channel. Any sale logged that is above a chosen threshold will be rewarded with a Rare Chest at the end of the hour.

How to win

Everyone that makes a sale during the hour wins a rare chest. At the end, we’ll tally up the scores (sales) and award the person who scored the highest.

How to start a PowerHour

If you are interested in running a PowerHour for your team, please contact our support team. We can schedule a PowerHour for you, just give us a few days notice.