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Arcade is the best platform for sales contests and leaderboards.
Chris Odicho
Chris Odicho
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For every sales goal that you have, there is a leaderboard that ranks you and everyone with that same goal. The rankings are based on either your total sales quantity or their run-rate towards target.

How it looks


How to check

Currently, the leaderboard is accessible by team managers and can be found by clicking the Insights menu option in the left-hand side menu. If you cannot see this section and believe you should, please contact our support team.

Viewing different time periods

Inside Insights, you can toggle between time periods. In the top right, change the dropdown from Monthly to Daily or Weekly and the rankings will update to match the timeframe. As of this writing, we only allow users to view data within the current month. If you are interested in reviewing past months, please contact our support team.